Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pro Heraldica (USA)

Recently I have joined forces with Pro Heraldica (USA), a sister company of the Pro Heraldica (Europe)… The idea was to combine my unique style of artwork with their huge customer base and industry experience, and being able to offer new 21st century generation of heraldry images, complimenting the traditional approach.

After 40 successful years serving families in Europe, PRO HERALDICA has launched a new United States company in San Diego, California. Entrusted with the largest private genealogy and heraldry library in the world, PRO HERALDICA has been researching family histories as well as tracing and creating coats of arms for decades. With over 50 employees and an auxiliary group of 300 researchers, projects are run at the highest level of timeliness and professionalism, delivering results beyond any other group of genealogy and heraldry experts worldwide.

The internet and recent popularity of the television show, Who Do You Think You Are?, have brought genealogy to the forefront of American minds which has inspired people to learn more about their own family history. PRO HERALDICA provides the professional research required to truly delve into and capture all of the necessary elements that create a family history. Greg Flores, Chief Executive Officer, says, “PRO HERALDICA’s research is done by our team of ‘family history detectives,’ who can find and interpret the actual historical documents onsite where the families lived and worked. Each family research project is unique and has to be accurately documented and validated before it can be incorporated into a family history.”

According to the PRO HERALDICA, GmbH Owner and Managing Director Harald Heimbach, “In this era of changes, fast living, internet, and globalization, we need values that will survive the times. PRO HERALDICA is committed to providing American families with the expertise necessary to capture their family legacy with the highest quality work in genealogy and heraldry.”

Below you can find some of my initial works I have completed for them, including the Pro Heraldica (USA) coat of arms at the beginning of this article.

Bilke Family Coat of Arms

Flores Family Coat of Arms

Frei Family Coat of Arms

Jung Family Coat of Arms

Rittner Family Coat of Arms

Taxis Family Coat of Arms

The above information provided in part by PRO HERALDICA USA, San Diego, California and Pro Heraldica Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft für Heraldik und Genealogie mbH 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

American Dance Orchestra

In the late May of 2013, I was contacted by Dana Kimble, a retired musician / member of the West Point Band / United States Military Academy Band having served 25 years with the organization. Presently he was in charge of a newly-formed band in the Tampa Bay area of Florida that was made up of mostly veteran military musicians. The band functions much like a military big band. Many members of the band have a long and colorful history serving in the military in various bands. One of the members served in the Air Force and then was the bass player with Duke Ellington’s Band, having played on 3 Grammy Award winning albums. The reason for contacting me was, quote:

“…I am writing because I found your website “Military Insignia 3D” and really like your work. I would like to ask if you would consider designing a “military style” insignia for the band. […] Having one of your “Military Insignia 3D” designs would enhance the look and presentation of this musical group and help us keep the traditions of military big band music alive…”

Although it was a bit of an unusual request, since never before I had to deal with music-related heraldry, I found this project quite interesting and agreed to pick it up. It also proved to be more challenging than I bargained for, but thanks to Dana’s clear vision and perseverance, we managed to bring this project to fruition. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Southwest Military Academy

Recently I was contacted by Jim Stephens, President/CEO, KTF Enterprises. He was in the process of opening a small military academy in Gallup, NM, that would have a large number of native American kids (mainly Navajo), grades 6-12+. They will use the Civil Air Patrol Cadet program as their cadet program instead of JROTC. The CAP unit he commanded here from 2003-2006 was the #1 Cadet program in the entire United States, but sadly, fell apart and has been deactivated, when Jim was ordered to active duty. Jim was wondering if I could help to design a logo/patch for the academy, based on the old patch. Here you can see the outcome of this project.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

DoD Future Vertical Lift Initiative [FVL]

Not so long ago I was contacted by Mike Burns, Col. AV, a coordination officer for the Department of Defense Future Vertical lift Initiative. In a nutshell, it is an effort to assess, design, develop and field the next generation of vertical lift aircraft for the U.S. Department of Defense (basically the family of aircraft that will replace current helicopters). Mike developed a logo he would like me to work a bit of magic on. The wings are in the position they are to represent vertical flight. The purpose of the five-colored triangles is to represent the five services that are participating in the Joint program. Green for Army, Red for Marines. The three different blues represent Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Purple is the Department of Defense color for Joint Multi-Service. The black on the broad arrowhead is meant to represent Special Operations and also symbolizes the aggressive/attack side of vertical lift aviation.
The result of this effort can be seen below.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Veterans for Christ (VFC) Seal

Recently I was contacted by Rob Johnson, Christian Advisor, USMC Veteran and founder of the Veterans for Christ (VFC).  Rob inquired if there was anything I could do for their official seal. Sadly, lately due to lack of time I have to turn down numerous projects and requests, as demand for my unique style of artwork is growing exponentially. However, every time I get a request having anything to do with helping veterans or related non-profit causes, I would push all things aside and try my best to keep these guys happy. Well, it is the least I can do anyways…  This time was no different, and below is the result.

VFC is a Veterans ministry started around 2005 by Rob Johnson within the Nursing Home Ministry led by Mrs. Michael Weaver, at the City Temple SDA Church in Dallas, Texas.   
According to the nursing home director his veteran had only one constant visitor, Rob Johnson.  Seeing a need, he consulted with the church pastor and 5 other veterans about an idea. This idea was also met and push by Charles Watley, Thea Walker and the late Sammie Price. The idea was formed to just acknowledge some of their veteran members and to include ones outside the church.  Weeks before the event…the nursing home veteran died. Deciding to go through with the event, the acknowledgements went on to include the five Vietnam and WWII church veterans. These awards were presented by the ministry, Congresswoman Eddie B. Johnson and State Representative Yvonne Davis respectively.   As the years passed the ministry has grown to become outreach organization of its own rightly named Veterans for Christ. VFC now includes a project for aging veterans, a founding member of North Central Texas Veteran Coalition (NCTVC), co-laboring on city government boards and to include a yearly Veteran and Memorial Day celebrations.  

Friday, February 8, 2013

Tactical Linguist Concepts (TLC) Logo and NSW JTAC Badge

In the mid-December of last year I was contacted by Mr. Kip Keune, CEO of the TacticalLinguist Concepts (TLC), a company specializing in Asymmetrical Conflict Analysis & Training, Intelligence–Surveillance–Reconnaissance (ISR) and Global Communications Solutions for worldwide operations. Tactical Linguist Concepts currently serves all services within the Department of Defense, National Intelligence Agencies, Defense Contractors and Commercial Corporations across the globe. Mr. Keune was wondering if I could help them with makeover of their company logo as well as turning their shoulder patch into one of my 2.5D versionsIt seemed like an interesting project in a few ways. First off, the originals I had to work with were in one case was just a picture of an existing patch, and in another – a 3D rendering of their logo. Both meant only one thing – drawing from scratch. On the other hand – I did not have to work on the concepts, which was a huge time-saver.
 Below is the work I have done for these guys… 

As the company was heavily involved with Navy SEAL and Special Boat Teams training, Mr. Keune has also inquired if I could put final touches for a NSW JTAC operator’s badge/coin design.  These badges/coins were to be awarded to JTAC operators upon successful completing of the training course with their company. Joint terminal attack controllers (JTAC) provide final clearance for aircraft weapons release during close-air support operations. I have accepted the challenge. Below are the four final versions of the emblem, accepted by the company as a result of our alliance…