Friday, February 8, 2013

Tactical Linguist Concepts (TLC) Logo and NSW JTAC Badge

In the mid-December of last year I was contacted by Mr. Kip Keune, CEO of the TacticalLinguist Concepts (TLC), a company specializing in Asymmetrical Conflict Analysis & Training, Intelligence–Surveillance–Reconnaissance (ISR) and Global Communications Solutions for worldwide operations. Tactical Linguist Concepts currently serves all services within the Department of Defense, National Intelligence Agencies, Defense Contractors and Commercial Corporations across the globe. Mr. Keune was wondering if I could help them with makeover of their company logo as well as turning their shoulder patch into one of my 2.5D versionsIt seemed like an interesting project in a few ways. First off, the originals I had to work with were in one case was just a picture of an existing patch, and in another – a 3D rendering of their logo. Both meant only one thing – drawing from scratch. On the other hand – I did not have to work on the concepts, which was a huge time-saver.
 Below is the work I have done for these guys… 

As the company was heavily involved with Navy SEAL and Special Boat Teams training, Mr. Keune has also inquired if I could put final touches for a NSW JTAC operator’s badge/coin design.  These badges/coins were to be awarded to JTAC operators upon successful completing of the training course with their company. Joint terminal attack controllers (JTAC) provide final clearance for aircraft weapons release during close-air support operations. I have accepted the challenge. Below are the four final versions of the emblem, accepted by the company as a result of our alliance…

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