Sunday, September 15, 2013

American Dance Orchestra

In the late May of 2013, I was contacted by Dana Kimble, a retired musician / member of the West Point Band / United States Military Academy Band having served 25 years with the organization. Presently he was in charge of a newly-formed band in the Tampa Bay area of Florida that was made up of mostly veteran military musicians. The band functions much like a military big band. Many members of the band have a long and colorful history serving in the military in various bands. One of the members served in the Air Force and then was the bass player with Duke Ellington’s Band, having played on 3 Grammy Award winning albums. The reason for contacting me was, quote:

“…I am writing because I found your website “Military Insignia 3D” and really like your work. I would like to ask if you would consider designing a “military style” insignia for the band. […] Having one of your “Military Insignia 3D” designs would enhance the look and presentation of this musical group and help us keep the traditions of military big band music alive…”

Although it was a bit of an unusual request, since never before I had to deal with music-related heraldry, I found this project quite interesting and agreed to pick it up. It also proved to be more challenging than I bargained for, but thanks to Dana’s clear vision and perseverance, we managed to bring this project to fruition. 

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