Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Veterans for Christ (VFC) Seal

Recently I was contacted by Rob Johnson, Christian Advisor, USMC Veteran and founder of the Veterans for Christ (VFC).  Rob inquired if there was anything I could do for their official seal. Sadly, lately due to lack of time I have to turn down numerous projects and requests, as demand for my unique style of artwork is growing exponentially. However, every time I get a request having anything to do with helping veterans or related non-profit causes, I would push all things aside and try my best to keep these guys happy. Well, it is the least I can do anyways…  This time was no different, and below is the result.

VFC is a Veterans ministry started around 2005 by Rob Johnson within the Nursing Home Ministry led by Mrs. Michael Weaver, at the City Temple SDA Church in Dallas, Texas.   
According to the nursing home director his veteran had only one constant visitor, Rob Johnson.  Seeing a need, he consulted with the church pastor and 5 other veterans about an idea. This idea was also met and push by Charles Watley, Thea Walker and the late Sammie Price. The idea was formed to just acknowledge some of their veteran members and to include ones outside the church.  Weeks before the event…the nursing home veteran died. Deciding to go through with the event, the acknowledgements went on to include the five Vietnam and WWII church veterans. These awards were presented by the ministry, Congresswoman Eddie B. Johnson and State Representative Yvonne Davis respectively.   As the years passed the ministry has grown to become outreach organization of its own rightly named Veterans for Christ. VFC now includes a project for aging veterans, a founding member of North Central Texas Veteran Coalition (NCTVC), co-laboring on city government boards and to include a yearly Veteran and Memorial Day celebrations.