Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fine Legacy: Authentic Coats of Arms and Treasures

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, recently I have joined forces with Pro Heraldica (USA), a sister company of the Pro Heraldica (Europe)… The idea was to combine my unique style of artwork with their huge customer base and industry experience, and being able to offer new 21st century generation of heraldry images, complimenting the traditional approach.

Just to remind, after 40 successful years serving families in Europe, PRO HERALDICA has launched a new United States company in San Diego, California. Entrusted with the largest private genealogy and heraldry library in the world, PRO HERALDICA has been researching family histories as well as tracing and creating coats of arms for decades. With over 50 employees and an auxiliary group of 300 researchers, projects are run at the highest level of timeliness and professionalism, delivering results beyond any other group of genealogy and heraldry experts worldwide.

Not long ago, a new development in this partnership has come to light. Pro Heraldica (USA) has branched out into a yet another sister company called Fine Legacy: Authentic Coats of Arms and Treasures. As they describe themselves - the preeminent coat of arms company in the world. While Pro Heraldica (USA) has a much broader focus, Fine Legacy will be exclusively about coats of arms, and I will be directly involved with this body of work.

Below you can find some of my most recent works works I have completed for them, including the Pro Heraldica (Germany) coat of arms at the beginning of this article.

Pro Heraldica (Germany) Coat of Arms

Höll Family Coat of Arms

Diesch Family Coat of Arms

Haase-Wenglewski Family Coat of Arms

Werner Family Coat of Arms

Grcic Family Coat of Arms

Kaßing Family Coat of Arms

Simon Family Coat of Arms

Maier Family Coat of Arms

Obermeier Family Coat of Arms

Assenheimer Family Coat of Arms

Cornielje Family Coat of Arms

Schweinfurth Family Coat of Arms

Künne Family Coat of Arms

Burgey Family Coat of Arms

Seegräber Family Coat of Arms

Glückert Family Coat of Arms

Becker Family Coat of Arms

Sammet Family Coat of Arms

The above information provided in part by PRO HERALDICA USA, San Diego, California and Pro Heraldica Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft für Heraldik und Genealogie mbH

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Forces United Logo

Here is another one of my most recent projects, which I have found to be quite interesting to work with. This is a new logo for the UK military and military veterans’ organization called Forces United.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

TRT Solutions Logo

Another interesting logo I had a chance to work with recently was the one for a company called TRT Solutions. TRT Solutions LLC. delivers hard hitting, effective training experiences for law enforcement, military, security and civilians.They provide advanced training courses for a wide range of missions and tactical situations while utilizing latest tactics, techniques and procedures in order to attain the knowledge and experience to support various objectives. Here is the final draft for this project:

Sunday, February 2, 2014

ACC-APG G-2/4/6 Division Logo

Recently I was contacted by people from the ACC-APG G-2/4/6, a division of the Army Contracting Command (ACC), responsible for Special Security, Logistics, Facilities and Technology, with request to add  a little bit of a kick to their unofficial division logo. The result of this effort can be found below...