Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rev B Anthony Hathaway-Taylor: Coat of Arms and Flag

One of my earlier out-of-scope projects came to life in response to request from my dear friend, Rev B Anthony Hathaway-Taylor. He is a truly remarkable human being. Everyone who has a privilege to know him, knows exactly what I am talking about. He also happens to be a driving force behind a huge scale project called “Empire to Commonwealth”. This Project is a collection of over 31,000  researched heraldry images of British Commonwealth that were donated by Defence Forces, Internet Authors, Experts in their particular fields and Collecting Enthusiasts. 

He asked me if I could bring to life an image of his coat of arms, and also try and create a full-size flag based on the image. The only images I had to work with were the two images of his father’s and his own coats of arms hand drawn by Anthony himself, which you can see below at their actual size. From the very start, it promised to be an interesting and quite challenging process... 

I instantly realized that I had quite a chunk of work cut out for me. Having images of such quality and resolution to work with could only mean one thing – starting entirely from scratch. Also, the timeline was not in my favor, because ideally, everything had to ready just in time for Anthony’s 50th birthday, which was less than a month away. This is exactly what made this project to become one of the more challenging ones, and also one of my favorite.  Below you can see the metallic version and the final white enamel version of the coat of arms.

Also, Anthony was wondering if it would be possible to create a flag, based on the coat of arms’ theme, which was quite a challenge of its own. The result of this exercise can be found below. Due to the size requirements for the final output file, which was expected to be no less than 60”x36”, I had to use a reverse process, compared to what I would normally do. This image was originally created in Photoshop, and later vectoriezed, so that it could be blown up to any size to be printed on fabric.  I also created a huge full-size 60”x36” PNG, which eventually they ended up using  to print the fill-size flag… Just on time for Anthony’s birthday…

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  1. And I absolutely LOVE the work ye did for me Serge, thank you so much!

    They're stunning!