Saturday, February 18, 2012


By now many of you are somewhat familiar with a handful of my major projects, such as “Military Insignia 3D”, on Zazzle and "Military Insignia 3D" blog “USMC Insignia 3D” on CafePress, “Sacred Symbols 3D” on Zazzle and “Sacred Symbols 3D” blog, “World Heraldry 3D”  and “C.7 Gift Ideas 3D” on Zazzle, as well as the "3D Insignia" on SpreadShirt… All of the above projects are well represented in my galleries and covered in detail on several of my blogs. However, there is another never before seen side to my work… These are so-called out-of-scope projects or custom jobs I come across from time to time.  Example of such works would be family coats of arms, custom-ordered unit insignia and emblems, emblems for military-oriented charity events and causes or military challenge coins, to name just a few.  So it happens, that such projects almost always carry a deeper meaning and turn out to be of higher importance on my priority list. Those also happen to be the more technically-challenging and dearest to my heart… The emphasis of this blog will be placed on such projects.  I will try my best to showcase “before” and “after” for each design, give a brief background on the topic, as well demonstrate my progress and touch upon challenges, techniques and highlights of each and every creation. Stay tuned…

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  1. I see that at this time you have no US Army Engineer units. I was apart of the 46th Engineer Battalion "Steel Spike". I challenge to find a SSI for it. The best I've been able to do is find a DUI. If I stump you, e-mail me... I have the answer.